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I’ve been using Cursor’s VS Code fork for a week now, and couldn’t be happier. Copilot was a fun entry point, but Cursor has delivered an unparalleled developer experience with intuitive design, advanced capabilities, and an easy onboarding experience. In a few minutes, it will import your settings and extensions from VS Code, and provide tips for getting started with the most powerful development tools available. 

Comparison at a Glance

The engineers and designers at Cursor have blown me away with the design and functionality of this AI first code editor. Copilot was revolutionary when released, but relied too heavily on base AI models, without incorporating deeper abilities like documentation reference, codebase ingestion, and code quality analysis.

Cursor is the superior choice for developers who want to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to write better code faster and easier. It is truly an AI-first code editor, bringing the full power of AI to your development environment. 

  • Understands the context and intent of your code, and suggests relevant snippets, functions, classes, variables, etc.

  • Learns from your codebase and style, and adapts to your preferences and conventions.

  • References library documentation for up-to-date syntax on the newest libraries

  • Provides instant feedback on your code quality, syntax errors, style issues, security vulnerabilities, etc.

  • Generates complete snippets, documentation, tests, comments, and explanations for your code.

Copilot, on the other hand, was a cute introduction to AI in IDEs, but never really matured past the initial chat style interface of the most basic AI implementations. 

Cursor is under active development, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. At Hannibal AI, these tools help our engineers focus on business problems instead of second order problems like code syntax. 


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